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We Are Your Catalyst And Guide For Growing And Selling Your Business

We work with you to accelerate the growth of your business, maximise it’s value, and when ready, help you successfully sell it on your terms.

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When you grow your business, you grow your wealth. Having invested in your business you are now in an optimal position to reward yourself for all your hard work. When the time is right for you, unlock the wealth you have created by selling your business. Sell your business for a premium because it’s been “built to sell”.

We help you achieve clarity and focus on your end-in-mind – Grow or Sell?

Then we guide you to choose one of our two proven methodologies, GROWTHology and SALESology, to start you on your journey.

GROWTHology – Grow Your Business

The GROWTHology methodology builds a rigorous roadmap  to help you accelerate the growth and value of your business; from strengthening it to achieve predictable profits & cash flow, and then moving forward to build predictable & sustainable growth.

GROWTHology increases your opportunity for completing a successful sale of your business, when you are ready to do so.

When successfully implemented GROWTHology will:

  1. Reduce your management time and effort by 80%.
  2. Grow revenue and bottom-line profits.
  3. Increase company value.
  4. Focus you on strategic and market-facing activities.
  5. Align everybody on the same page to drive execution and results.

SALESology – Sell Your Business

The SALESology methodology is a holistic and integrative “HEAD and HEART” planning approach focused on building the value of your business and integrating your business, personal and financial objectives into a planning process to sell the business.

SALESology optimises your personal and financial readiness to sell your business. Assists you in identifying your selling options and sales terms. Guides you through the sales transaction process, and helps you manage your transition from your business into a new life.

When successfully implemented SALESology will:

  1. Enable you to sell your business on your own timeline.
  2. Maximise the sale attractives, readiness and value of your business.
  3. Improve your financial and personal readiness to leave your business.
  4. Build your wealth.
  5. Provide you with a plan for the new life you want to live.

You Know Where You Are,

and we know how to get you to where you want to be. We’d love to have a conversation with you about all of that and help you achieve some clarity and focus on what the next steps for you can be – let’s move forward to create a new future for you.

Schedule a FREE Discovery Strategy Conversation With Us if you:

Feel like you have lost control of your time

Are being run by your business instead of the other way round

Aren’t achieving growth and feel like there’s an invisible roof over your head

Feel generally overwhelmed and unsure where to turn to next in terms of growth strategy

Have tried a range of one-time strategies and quick-fix remedies, but only succeeded in making your staff numb to new initiatives

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