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Empowering Business Owners To Grow Their Business, And When Ready, Sell It For Maximum Value

With Our Proven Systems

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Feel that you have hit a growth ceiling and are frustrated that you can’t seem to break through it to the next level of growth.


Are looking to complete a successful sale of your business but don’t know how or where to start.


Want a proven, step-by-step business growth or business sale solution that is easy to implement and achieves the results you want.

Grow Your Business

Grow your business quickly and easily.

Strengthen and make your business easier to run.

Scale and take your business to the next level.

Sell Your Business

Grow the value of your business and prepare it for sale.

Build your personal and financial readiness for exit.

Convert your ownership into financial freedom and peace of mind.

Grow Your Business

  • Optimise revenue and profits
  • Strengthen your business
  • Reduce your stress
  • Have more fun

Sell Your Business

  • Maximise business value
  • Improve business attractiveness and readiness
  • Sell on your own timeline
  • Come away with the financial freedom to live your new life

Achieve Your Ultimate Goal

Grow and enjoy your success with GROWTHology


Prepare to sell your business and walk away wealthy with SALESology

Achieve The Growth You Want Through Growth Mapping

Our unique growth mapping methodology helps you identify the type of growth you want based on your level of commitment to growth and your end-in-mind – to grow or sell your business, or perhaps it’s a combination of both? Once you have decided what you want, we will create and deliver a plan to achieve your goals.


What People Are Saying

On behalf of my entire team I can say that we were extremely satisfied with both content and delivery of the Survive & Thrive program. Andy is a great communicator and made the coaching workshops interactive, enjoyably simple to understand whilst keeping everyone focused, with end objectives clearly defined. His concerted effort in ensuring the program remained customised to our company realities and needs added terrific value. Thanks again Andy!

Adrian Mifsud

CEO, Storage Systems Ltd

Being highly dependent on tourism, COVID-19 hit my business hard. From a projected record year in terms of revenue & profits, we faced the prospects of huge losses within a matter of weeks. I was lost and in panic mode. I eventually sought the help of Andy from Ten XGrowth, and this decision saved my business!

The skill set and expertise he brings to the table are really fantastic. He was quick to understand our business model and situation, and was able to offer tailor made solutions to help move us forward one step at a time.

Aaron Xuereb

Managing Director, Buena Vista Holidays

Schedule a FREE Discovery Strategy Conversation With Us if you:

Feel like you have lost control of your time

Are being run by your business instead of the other way round

Aren’t achieving growth and feel like there’s an invisible roof over your head

Feel generally overwhelmed and unsure where to turn to next in terms of growth strategy

Have tried a range of one-time strategies and quick-fix remedies, but only succeeded in making your staff numb to new initiatives

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